Superior engineering fj80

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Superior engineering fj80

If you own a coil sprung Patrol or Landcruiser, you probably understand the versatility of the radius arm suspension platform and just how well they can handle most offroad conditions, they are one of the most popular OE link suspensions systems used in large solid axle 4wd's. This suspension uses two lower arms that attach from the frame down to the axle.

These attachment points keep the axle from twisting under the vehicle. In addition to these two links a panhard rod is also used.

superior engineering fj80

It attaches from the driver side frame down to the passenger side axle again using misalignment joints and or bushings. Its duty is to keep the axle centred under the vehicle from lateral forces. As you can see from the photo, as torque increases on the front axle, the reaction forces try to pull down on the frame at the radius arm mount and try to compress the front coil springs.

Now when all this happens somewhat quickly, instead of the frame being pull down towards the axle, the axle is lifted up towards the frame and loses traction with the ground. When traction decreases, torque also decreases and the axle falls back down and once again traction is restored and torque increases.

This becomes a vicious cycle and causes the wheel to just bounce up and down and gains you little to no forward progress. The newly designed Superior Engineering - SuperFlex Arms are a blend of two different styles of arm, each complimenting the angles of deflection required for controlled flex. The key is to change the planes of deflection to allow full movement and resist the terrible binding and tearing of bushes that occurs. The ability to maintain excellent driveability is the key to success in the superflex radius arm system.

The changes in bush type designation and orientation on the superflex arm allows dramatically increased controlled deformation. The adaptor plate allows a change in bush position which provides a larger range of allowable flex before binding, whilst still providing adequate 'feel' back into the chassis. Typically as radius arms flex they subject the bushes to a converging load which tends to tear the bonding and cause premature failure, with the superflex arm, the bushes are mounted in a different plane vertical which has a much greater range of motion and therefore allows the suspension bushes to pivot with reduced restriction and less side loading, increasing component life.

The arms themselves are also designed with accurate caster correction built into the design, alleviating any loads on the bushes, further increasing suspension life and aiding in correct steering geometry.

The Science Behind Superflex Arms

They are designed to maximise front suspension travel and are optimised to work with most long travel shocks and springs. Another breakthrough in design is the Superior Engineering Hybrid Radius arms which are designed to combine the benefits of the Famous - Superflex Arm technology and the improved high-speed handling of a drop box style mounting. This allows the arms, the ability to soak up the bumps and keep the wheels planted without sacrificing maximum articulation that the Superflex arms can provide.

This specially designed mount allows the Radius arms standard or superflex to be substantially longer than a factory arm which further aids articulation and handling. The rear arm bushing has also been upgraded to a radial type bush rather than the failure prone pin type mount.

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All Superior Engineering Radius arms are Australian made and manufactured from premium Australian grade steel then CNC machined for precise caster location. Even the logo is CNC machined to ensure you are getting a true quality component. All fabricated items are sand blasted and powder coated for maximum durability and the highest quality finish. The 'Superior Engineering Hybrid Radius arm' kit comes 'ready to fit' with direct bolt-in drop boxes, full OE style rubber bushes pressed in and also all the required bolts and fitting instructions.

For more information call Superior Engineering on 07 Superior Engineering has now added a new product to our Super Flex Arms!! We all know that you can't beat the driving quality of Superior Drop Boxes and who doesn't want more flex out of a 4wd providing it still retains the same on road handling.

This is where Superior Engineering came up with the great new idea to combine Drop Boxes and Super Flex Arms together to create the best of both worlds. The GU wagon pictured here is using lbs rear coils and lbs front coils, it tows a car trailer with the Team DGR Nissan to competitions as well as being an every day driven vehicle.

As you can see it certainly does not lack flex in the front end considering how thick the coils are, remember that the front bullbar is alloy, and it is only a petrol engine without a second battery. If you already are lucky enough to be one of many thousands of 4wders with Superior Drop Boxes than why not take you 4wd to the next level! Test regime: Performed on a 30 deree ramp with front shocks removed to allow comparative measurements across the front shock mounting surfaces.

Tests performed:.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Give your 4x4 added protection and style with a TJM Rockcrawler bumper. Send them an enquiry or give them a call. We can ship anywhere in the USA. Click for more. We can ship your over landing accessories straight to your door with one of our many shipping providers.

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superior engineering fj80

This is harmful to your frame!!! Everyone thinks their kit is "the best". What we believe puts Rocky Road Sliders above the rest is our triangulated mounting system, and how tight and high up our sliders sit. Rocky Road 80 Series Rock Sliders are the creme' de la creme' of the rocker protection world. Anything other than hitch steel is just plain flimsy. Most other rocker bars are made from thin wall tube material. Alot of shops refer to these as Nerf bars. A good number of the 80 Series Rock Sliders we sell are to those who have actually bought these thinner bars and have bent them up.

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Use bolton kits from Rocky Road. Our rock sliders are very simple to install and are completely 'bolt on'. Our sliders wrap the frame for a super strong mounting system that anyone Picture shows how nice and tight the rock sliders tuck to the body.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Russia- Land-Cruiser. Calendar New events.

superior engineering fj80

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superior engineering fj80

TRD Super Charger! So much time and man hours went into this build! Last edited: Jan 14, More pics. I know the price is high, but this truck is well taken care of! By next week it'll be a smoking deal! Nice looking truck. Running stock drive shafts? Joined Nov 28, Messages Who installed super charger? How many miles when it was installed?

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I have been wanting to pull the trigger on the Superior Engineering super flex arms for quite some time now. Ive had 3 80 series and although i love them, my main complain has always been lack of flex.

Before owning the Cruisers i had a Rubicon with a 6" long arm lift kit which gave me infinite amount of flex.Founded inand located in Belton, South Carolina, Superior Engineering supplies narrow aisle attachments to lift truck manufacturers, most material handling dealers, and thousands of users throughout the world.

All of our narrow aisle attachments are complemented by a standard line of mechanical attachments such as Jib Booms, Fork Extensions, and Carpet Rams. Not only does Superior Engineering specialize in manufacturing narrow aisle attachments, but we also specialize in customer application-required designs solving problems for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Each narrow aisle attachment is ergonomically designed with the application and operator's safety and comfort a top priority. Superior Engineering is dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality material handling products to fit unique applications when a standard product line is ineffective.

As a family owned company quality, service and dependability is significant when preserving our legacy in the material handling business.

Attachment Design.

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Product Development. Application Review. Manufacturing Niche Product. Tilt Table Testing. Hydraulic Store. More about our Products. Helping you solve you unique material handling problems.The internals of the birfield are also made from chromoly and are dual heat treated for superior strength. The birfield has a M8 grease zerk at the end of the stub shaft and is gun drilled through the center of the birfield to allow for grease to pass through the zerk fitting and into the internals.

Superior Engineering Super Flex Radius Arms Review

This will save you precious time by eliminating the need to disassemble your axle just to service your birfields. The Machined Spline Saver eliminates stress concentrations caused by grooving from the tool that makes the splines on the stub shaft. The stress concentration from the spline groove is a common failure point on birfield stub shafts.

The stub shaft of the Birfield has dual snap ring grooves to accommodate FJ80s with short and long drive flanges. We also include extended dust caps to allow you to use these birfields on FJ80 models that use short drive flanges. No other kit on the market can compare. Fitting Gallery. Home 4x4 Suspension. Search By Vehicle. Remember Vehicle. Add to Cart. Report Issue More Info. Only items that are specifically noted as Genuine OEM can be presumed as genuine parts.

Superior Engineering is not sponsored, approved, affiliated or otherwise associated with any genuine or original parts manufacturer, distributor or dealer.

Identification and Guidance Only — Photos are for identification purposes only and may be of either genuine or non-genuine parts. All manufacturers names, symbols and descriptions on this website are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any units or parts listed is the product of these manufacturers.

Trademarks identifying these parts are those of each OEM and are the property of their owners and are not used, or authorized for use, by Superior Engineering. Any implied associations are purely coincidental and are not inferred. Superior Engineering is a supplier of fully interchangeable non-genuine spare parts alternatives for equipment produced by manufacturers using in accordance with law OEM Vehicle Manufacturers and their products, i.

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